The Need

Gift to the Nation
A Capital Campaign to Restore, Enrich and Preserve the National Mall


Restoring, enriching, and maintaining the National Mall—our premier National Park—is essential to preserving America's heritage. Universally recognized as a symbol of American democracy, the National Mall has over 36 million visits annually, more than the Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite combined.

Preserving the National Mall's role in the nation demands attention to projects critical to improving infrastructure, sustainability, and visitor experience.
Quite simply, public allocations from Congress have been insufficient to sustain the National Mall. The gap between public funds and needs can only be met by private gifts from generous patriots.
We all have a responsibility to care for America's Front Yard in order to ensure its bright future for generations to come.

Follow our progress and learn more about our active and completed projects to find out how we're fixing the problem.