Open Invitation to Super Bowl LI Champions, New England Patriots, to tour the National Mall

Press Contact:
Kate Greenberg

(202) 407-9412


February 22, 2017

Robert Kraft
Chairman & CEO
New England Patriots
One Patriot Place
Foxboro, MA 02035

Dear Mr. Kraft,

Congratulations to you and the entire New England Patriots organization on your latest Super Bowl championship! The grit, determination and indefatigable will to win demonstrated in the come-from-behind victory is emblematic of the many American heroes who share in the name “patriots.”

As you know well, championship teams have been graciously invited to Washington, D.C. for a celebration of the winning effort that inspired a legion of fans and hopeful nation. Let us also extend for the very first time an open invitation to any of the New England Patriots front office, coaching staff and players to tour the National Mall with one of our guides offering an iconic photo opportunity that extends the team’s championship parade to America’s front yard.

The National Mall is the most visited national park in the country, hosting an estimated 33 million visits annually. At 566-acres with the Washington Monument as the central beacon, stretching from the Lincoln Memorial to the lawn adjacent the U.S Capitol and inclusive of the Jefferson Memorial to the South and Constitution Gardens to the North, the National Mall is the place where the American story is told. It is home to the most visible and enduring symbols of our history, memorializing American patriots of all ilk from Founding Fathers and landmark presidents to war heroes and Civil Rights leaders. The National Mall continues to be the grounds where history is made day by day as a gathering place for everyday patriots to celebrate our shared ideals and make our voices heard.

Over the decades, this national treasure has become well-worn. At the Trust for the National Mall, it is our charge to preserve, restore and improve this majestic national park. We endeavor to bring greater visibility to this urgent need. Please consider this an open invitation to tour the National Mall when you visit Washington and become reacquainted with our country’s most important and beloved national treasures.


Catherine Townsend
President & CEO, Trust for the National Mall

cc: National Football League
National Football League Players Association