Explore the National Mall

Home to the History, Heroes and Hope of America.

Explore the National Mall as if you were at the top of the Washington Monument thanks to our friends at EarthCam!

Welcome to the National Mall, or as we like to call it, America's Front Yard. The National Mall has always been a public space where Americans from all walks of life come to gather, to celebrate our freedoms, to honor our patriots and military, and to be part of the American experience.
The National Mall has more visitors per year than Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite combined. Three thousand events are scheduled annually and all 44 Presidents of the United States have walked the National Mall. The National Mall reflects our shared history and democratic values. It is home to the history, heroes, and hope of America.
America's Front Yard has a lot to offer its visitors. The beautiful monuments and memorials attract millions of visitors each year, while the open space and fields allow for countless group activities. The National Mall belongs to everybody. It truly is America's Front Yard.
Explore the National Mall with our interactive map & timeline or learn about the memorials that make up America's most visited national park.